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Wargaming in Britain 400-1066AD

A Year – and so little progress….

Well I just noticed that it has been a year since I started this blog. So many changes have been made to the master plan that I clearly lost my way for some time.

Figures are now being painted again, others are being rebased and rules are being dusted off. Now all I need to do is try to work out how to use my camera with the Mac and then I will be able to get some photos online.


So Far So Good

I have been pottering away on my Crusader Miniatures Vikings and now have 5 points finished and ready for play. The plan is to have another point finished today.  Photos later.

SAGA & Song of Arthur and Merlin

When SAGA was announced it really appealed to my sense of aesthetics. A small game with a large potential that used a reasonable number of figures (17-70) and played on a table that people could have at home. I pre-ordered it and then went into the game full of enthusiasm. About the same time other projects hit the workbench and so the project was shelved and the figures used on the Dux/Impetus project.


Recently I pulled out some of the unpainted figures from Crusader and have been pottering with them. I ordered two packs of bowmen and now have enough figures for an 8 point Viking force. So far the painting has been much slower than expected. The leader and two points of hearthguard have arrived in the completed box. Two further points of hearthguard are almost finished – a small but playable force. These will be finished over the next two days. Once these are sorted I will then move to produce 4 points for the Saxon force.

Once I have 6 points for each I will be looking to revisit my love for Song of Blades and Heroes – particularly the Daniel Mersey supplement Song of Arthur and Merlin. This is a wonderful adaptation of the SOBH engine for the Arthurian environment.

SAM front cover ebook

These rules cover the “historical” Arthur, the Welsh King and the Hollywood medieval Arthur. Originally these were a sourcebook for the SOBH main rulebook but are now available as a stand-alone miniatures game. They are well supported by an active Yahoo Group.

Dux cum Impetus Bases – progress so far

Whilst assembling the figures needed to put together a few proper Dux armies I have been rebasing my other Dark Age figures. I have enough for a Dux army – but of course the figures are a little “late”.

These are a mix of GB plastic, WF plastic and Old Glory metal. The OG I picked up painted in a trade a year or two ago.

I have two more bases awaiting scenics and one more awaiting painting. These will be finished within the week.

The figures need a little more huffing and puffing – I have just noticed how much of the flocking is sitting all over some of the figures.

Under Way At Last

I have finally put my first figures on the painting blocks for Dux – some lovely Gripping Beast Late Romans.

I have also been pottering with some lists for Peloponnesian Wars as the same troop types are clearly in evidence. So Far I have:


  • 1 Foot Companions with Leader @ 5 points
  • 6-9 Shieldwall – Citizen Hoplites @ 3 points
  • 0-1 Ordinary Rider – Allied Cavalry @ 3 points
  • 0-3 Foot Skirmishers – Javelins, Sling or Bow @ 1 point


  • 1 Foot Companion with Leader  @ 5 points
  • 0-5 Noble Shieldwall – Veteran or Elite Spartans  @ 5 points
  • 0-9 Shieldwall – Spartiates @ 3 points
  • 0-2 Foot Skirmishers – Javelin or Sling @ 1 point

Each army can be assembled from three boxes of Victrix plastic Greeks. Skirmishers are something that can be modified from these figures or purchased in metal.


Gripping Beast to the Rescue

I have started my Late Roman army for DB using some Late Roman figures I have had lying around for three years or so. Thanks to Jerome who has topped them up with some mounted types I will be able to get this army finished easily. I have started working on the Bow element first.

A Change of Plan

After looking long and hard at my Saxons I have decided to pull the pin on that little collection. Nice figures, but some 400-500 years too late.

I will be looking at using proper figures from Gripping Beast and others. I have also decided to go with the 120mm frontage basing as it simply looks that much better.

I am currently finishing all of the 1066 Saxons for Warhammer Ancient Battles.


Saxons – Part 1

As I already have a few Saxons lying about from my WAB and SAGA days, I will start with that army.

A DB army consists of 32 points made up from a good selection of troop types. Options for the Saxons are somewhat limited – but I certainly do not see a problem with that.

I have recently discovered Dalluppror’s blog where he has recently been playing DB. He listed the following as a Saxon force:

Saxon Warriors
1x Foot Companions with Leader
2x Foot Nobles
5x Foot Warriors
2x Foot Skirmishers one with Sling and one with Javelins

Seems a reasonable place to begin.

I will be using plastics for the most part for this army, using the excellent offerings from Gripping Beast and Wargames Factory.

These will give a great look to the army – and at a very low cost.

Total figures required:

1x Foot Companions with Leader – 8 figures
2x Foot Nobles – 16 figures
5x Foot Warriors – 40 figures
2x Foot Skirmishers one with Sling and one with Javelins – 8 figures

Total: 72 figures.


Dux Bellorum

A while ago a friend of mine tried to introduce me to Glutter of Ravens. The idea was nice, but it really was a little to much like DBA on steroids, giving the players even less control than the Barker offering. There were some lovely ideas in it though.

Then a copy of the draft for Dux Bellorum arrived in my inbox (without Daniel’s knowledge I am sure) and I was impressed. Less fireworks, less spontaneous combustion and more control. Mmmmmm.

So when Osprey released the rules recently I purchased an e-copy. Nice idea. My ipad was in its environment – exactly what I justified using it for when I bought it….

One quick read through and I was online to the Book Depository and my copy was on its way.

Nicely presented in the usual crisp Osprey style. I will be using the 80mm frontage for my 28mm figures to tie in with other games I am playing.

These rules have inspired my Arthurian interests again. Off to the painting table.


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